About Us


Saira ShahSaira’s interest in massage and fitness started from a young age. Sakina (her grandmother) always knew that Saira had a keen intuition in healing and helped steer her into the health care field. Saira was unfortunately in a motor vehicle accident which caused several injuries. A massage therapist opened her eyes and showed her what healing hands can provide. After realizing that her recovery time dropped to a quarter of the time expected, her life had transformed. Massage therapy and the benefits resonated with Saira, leading her to the path she is on today.




Douglas was introduced to massage therapy in 1999 when he started receiving treatment from an RMT to recover from a motor vehicle accident. The treatment and recovery he experienced inspired him to become a massage therapist.

In order to maintain his own fitness, Douglas regularly enjoys hiking, cycling and going to the gym. He also enjoys exploring local waterways in the summer with a gold pan in hand and exploring local trails in the winter while snowshoeing. Douglas recently returned to his hometown of Kamloops BC.